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USB Extension Cable

I am a strong advocate of cheap, affordable USB extension cables for a number of reasons, all of which I like to believe are well-grounded. Reason number one: the device cables that accompany my purchase of any given piece of technology are rarely, if ever, long enough. Given that USB is my data interface of choice for all my device components, this makes the necessity for USB extension cables painfully apparent. Any poor soul who has been forced to make do with a shorter cable than he would prefer can feel my pain when I say that for a long time, I lacked a mouse cable long enough to reach from my designated mouse ”zone” to the USB port on the back of my computer.

Fortunately I was able to remedy this particular problem by applying one of these handy extension cables. So often I think that we put off purchasing these because we say “well, I don’t need one that badly.” The funny thing is that purchasing a USB extension cable becomes one of those “why didn’t I do this earlier” stories the instant you finally shell out and buy one.

The second reason I like USB extension cables is perhaps a little odd: I couldn’t find my belt one day and I needed a way to keep my pants from falling down. Rather than resign myself to the unenviable fate of manually holding my pants up for the entire day I made do with what I had on hand… So I tied a USB cable around my pants and voila! A cable belt! Geek, yet chic. It’s worth noting that many people complimented me on my resourcefulness and bleeding edge fashion sense!

So there you have it, whether you’re endeavoring to end the frustration from short cables or striving to make a statement with your apparel, the USB cable can, and will, reliably meet your varied and many needs.

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