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USB to HDMI Adapter

USB to HDMI turns your TV into a computer monitor

A USB to HDMI adapter will enable a connection from your computer to your HDTV. As you know, all computers whether they are laptops or desktop models are supplied with numerous USB ports. These ports allow you to connect all of your different peripherals to your computer. To connect the USB to HDMI adapter to your computer system you need only to plug the USB portion into the computer and then connect the HDMI portion into the HDTV.

Once this connection is established your HDTV then becomes in basic a computer monitor for your computer system. Simply boot up your computer and turn on your HDTV. Press your input button on your HDTV and scroll down to the listing for PC. On some computer models it is necessary to disconnect your computer monitor’s analog cord from the back of your monitor. It is necessary to do this since you are establishing a digital connection and not an analog connection. On other models you can have both running at the same time without interference. So basically if the screen displayed on your computer monitor is also displayed on your HDTV then you do not have to disconnect the analog cord. If not, then you will need to disconnect the computer monitor.

What it does for you

The advantages of using the USB to HDMI adapter instead of simply connecting the analog monitor cable to your HDTV are vast in number. First of all, the USB to HDMI adapter will allow a digital connection. This means you will have the full use of your HDTV capabilities. Your picture is sharper and clearer. The display is based on the pixel to pixel display used by your particular HDTV model. Which basically means that the transfer of information from the computer system to the new monitor, your HDTV is not stretched such as a photo you enlarged on the screen. The resolution is better than that of your computer system monitor and depending on the size of your HDTV you have a larger display.

Why use this solution

The difference between using this USB to HDMI adapter as opposed to using the analog monitor cord to make this connection is the addition of audio. If you simply connect your computer using the analog monitor cord you will be required to use your computer speakers for your audio. Considering the upgrades to computer speakers in some cases this is not a bad thing. But you will only be able to turn up the volume to the limitations of the computer speakers. If you use the USB to HDMI adapter you can use the sound system used with your HDTV. Which basically means if you have a surround sound theater setup for your HDTV the adapter connection will enable you to use this setup for your audio transferring from your computer system. You would simply use your HDTV remote control to adjust the volume of this audio. This will enable a larger range of sound than if you were required to use your computer speakers.

Once you have made the connection between your computer and your HDTV using this USB to HDMI adapter your usage possibilities are limitless. Anything you can view or listen to on your computer you can view or listen to now on your HDTV. You can watch videos, movies, and listen to your music playlist through your HDTV. You can run programs and see them on the HDTV screen just as you would on your computer monitor. The difference is better quality picture and a much larger display.

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