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USB to PCMCIA Cardbus adapter connection information

A lot of people spend time looking for the connection information for their service provider so that they can connect with a manual windows connection to their wireless internet. This is information that is needed when using the USB to 32 bit PCMCIA Cardbus adapters. (It also applies for the USB to 16 bit PCMCIA adapter.)

Fortunately Elan (the chipset manufacturer) has provided this information for us. If your provider is not listed below, i apologize, but you’ll still have to call up the provider to get this information.

Operator Country Telephone number Username Password APN parameter Notes
O2 UK *99# faster password at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”mobile.o2.co.uk” There are several username/password combinations that work
NB the ‘o’ in ‘o2′ is a LETTER not a NUMBER
Orange UK *99***3# web web at+cgdcont=3,”IP”,”internet” There are several username/password combinations that work
Vodafone UK *99***1# web web at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”internet” There are several username/password combinations that work
#777 10-digit phone number@alltel.net alltel n/a
Cingular, GPRS
*99# WAP@CINGULAR.COM CINGULAR1 APN: AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular”,,0,0
Cingular, 3G

Sprint PCS/Nextel

Nothing else is needed; other information is burned into the card on activation. Make sure your card is activated at the Sprint store.
Sprint USA #777 10 digit phone number + @springpcs.com, e.g.
Unique to each user
(Printed on store receipt/paperwork)
apn for older cards
Verizon USA #777 yourphonenumber@vzw3g.com
omit the leading 1
vzw n/a
Telus Mobility Canada #777 10-digit phone number@1x.telusmobility.com Unique - should be phone’s ESN number n/a

The information provided is not guaranteed to be correct since providers may change their connection settings. As far as we know, this should be the information you need to get it to connect.

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