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USB to Parallel Adapter and Parallel Devices.

Many of our customers have asked about using a USB to Parallel adapter with parallel devices other than printers. Devices such as scanners, multifunction printers, zip drives, plotters, and security keys often have the same interface as our USB to Parallel Adapter. These devices are not compatible with USB to Parallel adapters.

USB to Parallel Adapters are built strictly for printers. The drivers written for the USB to Parallel Adapter are incompatible with anything other than printers. Although Multi-function printers have a print function, they experience incompatibility problems with the USB to parallel adapter.

Since many newer computers do not have a built-in parallel port, the only option is to add one to that computer. You can add a parallel port to a desktop computer through an open PCI slot with a Parallel PCI card. If you have a laptop, then you will need to add a parallel port through an open PCMCIA slot with a Parallel PCMCIA card.

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