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USB to Parallel Too Slow at Printing

USB to Parallel adapters are interesting adapters. They don’t work with any parallel devices that do anything other than print, and even some printers struggle connecting with these adapters. When customers have compatibility issues with parallel to USB adapters, there’s not too much to do.

In fact, there are only a few solutions we know of. You can:

1. Check with the Printer Manufacturer for an updated printer driver or for printer configuration help
2. Do an online search for your printer model and USB to Parallel alongside(e.g. Xerox 1400 USB Parallel) to see if someone has found a fix.
3. Try changing the printer spooling status by:

a. Open Printer and Faxes folder(within control panel)
b. Right click on printer and select properties
c. Check/uncheck box for Printer Spooling

If none of these steps work, then your next best bet is to try adding a parallel port to your computer through a different slot. If your computer is a desktop you will need a Parallel PCI card. If your computer is a Laptop you will need a Parallel PCMCIA card.

If you know of any other solutions, please let us know. You can submit a comment on this post.

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