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USB to Parallel adapter not speaking with printer? Try these steps!

USB to parallel adapters(printers) sometimes reinstall themselves. This problem is linked with how the cable is unplugged and replugged. One way to get your printer back into commission is to change the port it is looking at in the printer properties. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Open up your Printer & Faxes folder
2. Right click on your printer
3. Select Properties
4. Click on the Print Test Page button
5. Wait to see if anything prints(if nothing prints continue to the next step)
6. Click on the Ports tab

In the port list you should see at least one port labeled USB Virtual printer port (You may see USB001…USB002…USB00N where N=any number).

7. If there is more than one USB port listed, then select one of the other USB ports and click on the apply button
8. Click on the General Tab
9. Click on the Print Test Page button
10. If document still doesnt print, then try another USB port listed in the ports list

If you have tried all the USB ports in the list, and still cannot get it to print, then your printer and the adapter are either incompatible with each other, or one of them is defective.

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