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USB to Serial with Palm Pilots

If you need to get a USB to Serial adapter working with your palm pilot try these steps. These steps are from the Palm Support Knowledge Library at http://kb.palm.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE?New,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(919),ts=Palm_External2001

Solution ID: 919

Can’t synchronize through USB-to-serial adapter

If you cannot perform a HotSync® operation after plugging the USB into the serial port adapter, the serial port settings need to be adjusted.
To adjust the serial port settings, do the following:

1. Check the USB to serial port adapter connections.
2. Launch HotSync Manager.
3. Open HotSync Manager and click Enable/Disable.
4. Open the Instant Palm Desktop and select HotSync Manager.
5. Select Setup and click Disable/Enable.
6. Under Local Setup, select PalmConnect® USB from the Port list.
7. Click the HotSync Controls tab and select Enabled.
8. Perform a HotSync operation.
9. If an error message appears when you remove the USB to serial port adapter and reboot your Macintosh, simply click OK in the message box.

To prevent this error from appearing during reboot, launch HotSync® Manager, choose Setup, disable HotSync Manager, and then disconnect the USB to serial port cable. Future versions of HotSync Manager eliminate this error message.

When in the HotSync Manager, avoid making changes in the “HotSync Software Setup” dialog box while the USB adapter is unplugged. If you have trouble performing a HotSync operation after unplugging and replugging your USB adapter, plug the adapter in and restart your computer. Then launch HotSync® Manager and re-select the correct USB port from the Local Setup section of the “HotSync Software Setup” dialog box.

Palm, Inc. plans to correct this problem in a future revision. Apple System Profiler reports two PalmConnect devices for each USB adapter connected at startup. This does not affect functionality. Palm, Inc. is working with Apple to correct this problem.

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