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USB to Serial with Thumbscrews

So initially I thought this product was intended for loan sharks, mob bosses, and any other profession where breaking people’s thumbs was the order of the day. Turns out, it’s another iteration of the ever-popular USB to Serial Adapter, with a twist, literally. This USB to Serial Adapter (Thumbscrew Version) has the standard screws that allow you to attach the cable snugly to the serial port so it doesn’t go anywhere. I can think of a few uses for it. It’s perfect for situations where there’s a lot of traffic near the serial device. This could be because cables are being plugged and unplugged near the serial port, or because there is the possibility of the cable being kicked or pulled. It’s also nice when you’re planning on leaving the USB to serial cable attached to the device for a while, so you won’t have to worry about the cable coming loose on the serial side. This is especially useful if the serial port is in a hard-to-reach spot. Naturally, the cable also works in any situation where a standard USB to Serial cable is used.

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