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VR3 Car/Truck Rear Back-Up Camera System

Here at SewellDirect.com, we are dedicated to products that make the world a better, safer place. For example, we used to stock the Iomega Rearview Monitor Mirror to help alleviate potentially deadly shocks from coworkers (or bosses) surprising you from behind. We provide the XPad Laptop Heatshield in order to help you protect yourself from unpleasant laptop burns. And now, we bring you the VR3 Car Rear Back-Up Camera System w/ Color LCD Monitor.

VR3 Car/Truck Rear Back-Up Camera System w/ Color LCD MonitorThis quality rear view car camera system mounts unobtrusively above your licence plate, where it maintains a watchful, silent vigil over the regions behind your vehicle. Meanwhile, you can see what the camera sees via a color LCD monitor mounted inside the vehicle, giving you a great view behind you without making you crane your neck to see over the rear deck of your car. The kit even includes all the wiring and mounting equipment to make life easy on you.

As a side anecdote, I really think my dad could use one of these. He drives a ridiculously large Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel pickup truck with a shell. I’ve lost track of how many times he’s backed into poles, pillars and fences, not to mention all the stuff (e.g. lawnmower, bicycle, athletic equipment) he’s run over because he couldn’t see behind him. I feel a birthday present coming on…

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