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VR3 In-Dash Car Stereo with USB Port

Here at SewellDirect.com we’ve seen a proliferation of FM transmitters designed to transmit audio files to your car’s existing stereo so you can enjoy the tunes off your iPod or USB flash drive without having to do some messy cable installation. Granted, this is pretty cool, but for someone who appreciates the highest audio fidelity available, the sometimes scratchy signal just doesn’t cut it.

VR3 Car Stereo with USB PortEnter the VR3 In-Dash Car Stereo with USB Port. This is pretty cool, actually. VR3 has created an in-dash car stereo that has all the functionality of a standard mid-range car stereo (MP3 and WMA decoding, an auxiliary plug for your personal audio player, remote control, dot matrix display, removable faceplate) with the added bonus of having an external USB port on the face so you can plug in a USB flash drive, thumbdrive, pendrive, whatever you want to call it. This is an awesome solution if you’re constantly updating your music collection and you’re tired of spending a fortune on CDs so you can burn your music onto them for vehicular listening. And don’t just think about this from the music standpoint. If you have several podcasts you listen to regularly, this is a great way to stay on top of them in the car without a lot of hassle. You can get FM transmitters, USB flash drives, and the VR3 In-Dash Car Stereo with USB Port at SewellDirect.com.

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