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Watching Web Videos on Your TV

VGA to HDMI Adapter

A PC to TV converter is an adapter for your desktop or laptop computer that allows video output from your computer to be displayed on a TV. With these simple setups you can quickly connect the computer to the TV and in no time at all be watching web videos or games on your TV. This article explains some basic information about accomplishing this. For more detailed information read the article on browsing the web on your TV.

Why would I Want to Watch Web Videos on my TV?

There is a giant selection of entertainment available on the web that we have access to on our computers. Most of us, however, have put lots of time and/or money into making our TV the most comfortable place to view videos. Using your computer you can put the videos on the TV and enjoy the screen size and comfort of watching the videos on your TV.

What About Games and Movies?

When using a PC to TV converter you can show anything on your TV that would normally be shown on your computer. So you can also hook up games and see them on the big screen, and if you download a movie, you don’t have to burn it off to watch it, you can watch it on your big screen straight from your computer.

How Do I Accomplish This?

The first thing that you need to do is select and purchase a PC to TV converter that meets your needs. Most commonly, for a standard definition TV you’d want to use a VGA to RCA converter, while for an HDTV you’d want to use a VGA to HDMI converter.

You’ll then need to connect the converter to your computer and to your TV. The converter will then duplicate whatever would normally be output to a monitor and display it on your TV.

How long will this process take?

The first time might take a few minutes as you read through the directions and properly connect everything, but after the initial time, setup should be no longer than a minute or so.
How does the converter get power?

Depending on the converter you purchase you’ll either need to plug the adapter into a wall outlet or into a USB port on the computer.

Is there anything else that I might need?

Some converters will require that you run a separate audio cable from the computer to the TV, while others may not include an HDMI or other video cable. Check with the information of the converter you select and make sure you get the appropriate cables.

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