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Win-Interlnk and Win-Intersvr with Windows Vista

If you are a fan of Win-Interlnk and Win-Intersvr, and just got a new vista machine, then don’t worry. The driver that Win-Interlnk uses to mount the client Fat16 drive is compatible with Vista. The only thing that you will need to be weary of is if Vista tells you that the drive has not been formatted yet.


This is another way of Vista saying that it can’t see the drive right. If this is the case, you just need to ignore the message, and restart the computer, while making sure that all the connections between the two computers are correct. Once you boot up again, it should recognize the drive perfectly.

If the two machines are connected, then the client machine will look like the follwing picture when Win-Intersvr is loaded. Notice specifically the connection status.


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