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Baxter Batch Audio CD Ripper

Baxter Batch Audio CD RipperSo you like music. A lot. In fact, you have a stack of music CDs so big that, if each CD were placed end to end, the line would reach halfway to the moon. But now you have a new 60 gig iPod capable of handling all those tunes, and it would take an eternity to rip all those CDs to your hard drive in order to listen to them on your new purchase. Or you’re a radio station. Either way, enter the Baxter Batch Audio CD Ripper. This sweet little box of goodness lets you throw up to 25 discs onto a spindle. Hook it to your computer, tell the ripper how you want it (format, bit rate, etc.) and let ‘er rip (pun intended.) The Audio CD Ripper even pulls the ID3 tags down from the internet for each disc, so you don’t have to go through the grueling monotony of inputting all that album info. All this functionality comes at a fairly steep price, but if you have enough CDs and not enough patience (or you’re a radio station) this could be a godsend. Anyway check it out at our SewellDirect.com webstore.

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