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Belkin ExpressCard Docking Station

The VT Book has always been a great way to extend the abilities of your laptop. The PCMCIA interface made it easier to use over USB and provides a faster bus for the video. The VT Book would also give you the ability to add 2 monitors on top of the VGA out on the laptop. This combines to give you up to 4 monitors including the laptop screen. The VT Book is great… if you have a PCMCIA slot.

Now we also have something for those with ExpressCard slots. The Belkin High Speed Dock is the perfect fit for anyone with an ExpressCard slot. You get even more great features including digital audio, 5x USB ports, and Ethernet. The Belkin dock is a really cool way to add either a DVI or VGA monitor to your laptop. Since the ExpressCard bus is faster than the PCMCIA bus, you get fast transfer speeds to your external devices.

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