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DVI KVM Switch with Wireless Mouse and keyboard

Just last week we had a customer that had looked several places for a DVI PS2 KVM switch to work with his Microsoft Elite Wireless Combo(w/ wireless intellimouse). He had received mixed answers as to whether such a device would be compatible with his wireless mouse and keyboard. After testing a similar scenario, we told him that it should work fine, but that we had not tested it with that exact combination. Well, he just received his KVM and says that it is working beautifully.

Our VGA KVM also works with wireless devices. I have personally used it with a Belkin ps2 wireless combo, and that worked great. If you are unsure that yours will work, then give it a try. If it does work, then great. If not, then get it authorized for a return. The only real compatiblity problems I’ve seen are when the wireless combo is going through one ps2 connection(rare), or when it is a USB wireless combo with multiple functions on the keyboard and mouse.

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