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DVI to Component adapter

Our SW-4041 is an adapter that will let you output from a compatible video card to use your TV as a monitor.

While the adapter itself has an ATI chipset, it does work with both ATI and NVidia cards. ATI’s website has posted a list of the compatible chipsets

Radeon® 9800 series
Radeon® 9700 series
Radeon® 9600 series
Radeon® 9500 series
All-in-Wonder® Radeon® 8500DV (64MB)
All-in-Wonder® Radeon® 8500 (128MB)

Nvidia unfortunately does not have a comprehensive list, however it seems that the graphics processors that support the PureVideo encoder also support RGB component over DVI-I.

With cards that use ATI or NVidia chipsets, you might still want to check with the specific board manufacturers to see if it is fully supported. Even if the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) supports it, it is in the end up to the board manufacturer to build it into the port.

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