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Extending HDTV

Making the decision about how to extend the distance between and HD source and an HDTV is not easy. The current specification for high definition state that the signal can travel up to fifteen feet without degradation. Since HD is all-or-nothing, any degradation at all results in a choppy image that may be impossible to watch.

Here is some great information (courtesy of Gefen, a high-quality manufacturer of AV accessories). Check out our DVI extenders, VGA extenders and HDMI extenders.

TECH TIP: Extending HDTV - Which Method is Right for You?

With so many choices, how do you determine the best method to extend your HDTV?

The easiest way, with consideration to pricing factored in, is to measure the distance. Keep in mind, however, that high profile professional applications may want to utilize the current high-end method of fiber optics cabling combined with sender and receiver transmission technologies.

50 Feet or Less (at 1080p):
Cable + Booster
Boosters are ideal for short run applications, especially where space is tight as the small boxes take up minimal space. Particularly beneficial for HDMI displays and cables.

150 Feet or Less:
Sender + CAT-5 cable + Receiver
DVI and HDTV (HDMI) CAT-5 Extenders use advanced technologies that enable cost-effective CAT-5 cables to carry HD resolutions for DVI components. A prime example is the V-Link, VGA over Cat5.

200 Feet or Less:
Cable + Repeater + Cable
Repeaters work similarly to Boosters, but allow you to “daisy chain” cables and repeaters to reach longer distances.

330 Feet +
HDTV Extreme Cables
High-end cables interweave fiber optics components with DVI connectors to transmit perfect HD visuals up to 330 feet.

1640 Feet or Less:
Sender + Fiber Optics cable + Receiver
Gefen DVI-1000 HD and HDMI-1000 HD extenders are the best solution for guaranteed performance at even the longest distances. Fiber optics combined with sender and receiver transmission technologies maintain the integrity of the DVI and HDMI signals.

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