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When it comes to video equipment it is no secret that we love Gefen. Sure, we sell Gefen stuff so we’re biased, but we sell a lot of brands and Gefen is consistently one of our favorites.

Here are 5 reasons we recommend so many Gefen solutions:

1) Scope of Product Line: Gefen is one of the most innovative manufacturers we have ever worked with. When we call to request a new video converter, adapter, extender, switch, splitter, etc. the answer is almost always the same - they are already working on it. If you have a suggestion for Gefen’s product line just give us a call and we will see if it is something that would make sense to mass produce.

2) Quality: Gefen’s products simply work - in the rare instance when there has been a quality issue Gefen swiftly moves to make changes to the hardware and firmware. We had a chance to speak with the founder recently and saw a rare desire to add value in every product Gefen releases.

3) Return Policy: We have a liberal return policy because suppliers like Gefen allow us to. With a better-than-industry 1-year warranty Gefen recently increased the length of the warranty to 2-years - if you buy a Gefen product you can rest assured that you will be taken care of (via Sewell or Gefen directly) for 2 years.

4) Consistency: Gefen products all have a consistent look-and-feel, but this goes way beyond aesthetics. When you buy a Gefen product you know exactly what you’re getting - whether it’s HDMI, DVI, audio, etc., you can be sure that you won’t be out in the cold in 6 months - with Sewell and Gefen you’ll be taken care of.

5) Reasonable Prices: Sure, you can find a company who sells cheaper video equipment - these companies have to save money somewhere, however, and they typically skimp on quality. Just go with Gefen and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you invested a little bit of money in quality without breaking the bank.

Our Favorites:
Gefen DVI Dual Link Splitter
Gefen DVI Splitter
Gefen FireWire Repeater
Gefen HDMI Splitter

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