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iPhone 3G Hack (Sort Of)

If you find the ultra cool iPhone lacking the in the internet connectivity department, this hack is for you. While the iPhone is by far one of the most advanced cell phone/portable computers available today, many question the reasoning behind limiting the iPhone to the painstakingly slow EDGE network. Some experience decent internet speeds in major cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, but on average most people are disappointed at Apple choosing the EDGE network over 3G.

So what’s a proud iPhone owner to do? With a *little* money and a few pieces of equipment, you too can achieve 3G speeds on your iPhone utilizing the Wifi connectivity portion of the iPhone’s features. This setup can also be found on some metropolitan bus systems.

Step 1 - Purchase the following equipment:

iPhone Apple iPhone
Retail Price:$499.99 (4Gig) / 599.99 (8 Gig)
From: apple.com
Phoebus 3G Phoebus Portable Cellular Wi-Fi Router (MB6000)
Retail Price:$269.95
From: sewelldirect.com
AirCard Sierra Wireless AirCard 875
Retail Price:$285.00
From: Cingular.com
Power Inverter Standard 150W Power Inverter
Retail Price:$34.95
From: Sewelldirect.com
ATT Logo Unlimited Data Plan
Retail Price:$59.99 per month
From: Cingular.com

Step 2 - Configure the router for use with the iPhone

Set up the router by first connecting the computer and modifying the network name (SSID), IP address range, WPA security, and any other settings you require.

Step 3 - Connecting everything together

Setup the router in a car or other mobile location using the power inverter. Once powered on, insert the AirCard to get the internet up and running. The phoebus should show a positive internet connection. Then sign on your new wireless network and you’re good to go anywhere!

Total Costs

iPhone (4 Gig) 499.99
Phoebus Router 269.95
AirCard 285.00
Power Inverter 34.95
Data Plan 59.99 per month

(with iPhone)
(if you already have the iPhone)

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