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iQfm Review: The Best FM Transmitter… Period

The title of this article suggests that the iQfm is the best FM transmitter on the planet, which is a pretty bold statement. FM transmitters are crucial to many of us that have a 2003 Honda Accord and think that the factory stereo system is too pretty to rip out… because whoever was on the 2003 Honda Accord Factory Stereo Team and decided against Aux-in ports was either an idiot, or invested in a major manufacturer of FM transmitters….

iQfmAnyway, I was promised that the iQfm FM Transmitter would out-perform our current best seller, the VRFM9. As you probably have already read on my blog, I have about 4 years of FM Modulator experience, so I compare and contrast the features and performance of different transmitters from the past.

In a nutshell: The iQfm encapsulates all of the features of the VRFM9, giving SD card and USB flash drive support (playing mp3s on-the-fly from your tiny storage devices), but with a stronger FM modulation.

How to Make the iQfm sound like CD Quality

The main point of this article is to help your iQfm sound like you’re listening to CDs. Of course you can’t perfectly do this because occasionally you will pass by sources of interference (like high-voltage power lines or something) and will hear a little static, but so far here in Provo, UT, I’ve been satisfied (and I am more particular than average people).

First you have to find a radio station without any signal… a radio station without even static sounds. Here in Provo 88.5 works all right.

I turn my iPod to about 15/16 the volume. The louder your iPod is, the stronger your FM signal. Just don’t turn it high enough to where the sound becomes distorted.

I turn my stereo’s settings to Treble: +3 (out of -6 to 6) and leave the Bass at 0. This simulates a T:0 B:0 ratio on when listening to CDs for me. The FM transmitter takes some of the treble out.

With these settings, I have been enjoying virtual CD quality sounds without messy installations, and at a great price point.

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