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Magical box that plays movies to your TV

Lewis has outdone himself again. This time he added a product that puts the awesome skateboard to shame.

Allow me to introduce the Kingwin media enclosure. This media enclosure is an external hard drive enclosure for 2.5 inch drives, that will play all types of media directly to a monitor or TV. It has VGA, composite (through RCA) and S-Video connections. It also has two analog audio output connections for stereo sound.

It will handle the following file formats:


It will also support the following video formats: DVD files, MPEG4, Divx, Xvid, SVCD, VCD/VCD3

One cool application for this unit is that you can build your own movie playing kiosk. This is great if you have kids that tend to break stuff. Just lock this media encluse in a cabinet beside the TV, upload all your DVD’s to the enclosure, and never worry about replacing your DVDs again. Media Enclosure

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