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Mini-itx Platforms

Mini-itx computers are amazingly small computers.

Mini computer

They can be powerful machines, they dont take up very much space, and they are highly modifiable. http://www.mini-itx.com/ is a great site for seeing all of the crazy things people do with these little devils. If you are looking for ideas of what you can add to your mini itx machines, then consider some of these options:

USB Hubs allow you to add more USB peripherals to your computer.

You can add all sorts of ports to your computer by using USB adapters.

You can even use USB Docking Stations to make your work area less cluttered.

Another cool USB add on is a USB capture device which can allow you to turn your computer into a Tivo. My personal favorite is the High Definition TV capture device.

USB HDTV Capture Device

Many ITX computers have PCI slots inside. With a free PCI slot you can add all sorts of functionality to your computer. You may want to use your PC as a multimedia center. If you do, then you may want a TV tuner inside it.

You can check out a plethera of possible PCMCIA or PCI cards that will work with your mini PC.

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