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Mouth Watering Audio Technica Meatloaf

We’ve just started to carry Audio Technica products at Sewell Direct. I always love to see us get into the high-end audio equipment that I can buy for myself. Here are a couple items that I am eyeing:



The ATH-M30 Monitor Headphones are probably the best value for high-end Monitor Headphones. When recording, you need monitors that will send the sound into your brain without any additives, and these will do the trick, helping you to adjust levels accurately. They are closed back and operate on up to 65 ohms.



The AE5100, although a little up there in price, seems like a great all-around microphone to have. It is dynamic enough to accurately pick up percussion (even cymbals) like a champion, and still capture the delacate and subtle nuances of an acoustic guitar. It features a large diaphragm which will preserve and resonate with the full spectrum of sounds. It is also rugged enough to travel extensively with without any worries.


For a really good value, I was also thinking about picking up the AT2041SP studio set. It is the 20 series, so not the highest end, but probably good enough for me. It includes both the AT2021 instrument mic and the AT2020 vocal microphone which I’m sure will get the job done.

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