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Newegg Tech Support vs. Sewell Tech Support

When our tech support guys get calls, it’s usually a specific question about some function of a product that they recently purchased from Sewell Direct. However, every now and again, we get a repeat question from someone who hasn’t used Sewell Direct in a while, but just has a general technology question. Our guys are usually glad to give a helping hand with that stuff, too.

Once in a while, though, we get referrals to our tech support from other individuals or even other sites. We were kind of surprised at a revealing conversation that our own Jonathan Adams had with someone who was referred to us from a mecca of online retail and a major competitor, Newegg. Newegg passing the buck along for tech support? Isn’t that kind of sad? That’s like Mike Krzyzewski (we forgive you for losing in the first round this year…) telling his star center to ask Roy Williams (UNC’s coach) for advice on blocking out for rebounds because he simply didn’t know what to tell him. Needless to say, it reflects pretty poorly on Newegg.

Apparently, this wasn’t even a unique experience. We had another technician receive a similar phone call. I guess it just goes to show that even though we may not have the deep pockets of Newegg, we gobbled up all the tech-savvy and customer-friendly support staff. Props, guys. And thanks to all our loyal customers whom we promise to never refer to a competitor for their technical questions.

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