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Plantronics PC Speaker Headset Switch

If you’re like me, reaching behind your computer to unplug your speakers in order to plug your headset in is one of life’s greatest challenges. Almost everytime I do it, I end up plugging the microphone cable into the speaker port or vice versa and get frustrated in the process. Even when I moved our computer to the desktop, it was still a dreaded task. One day as I was hunched over my computer performing the switch, it occurred to me that someone out there needs to make a simple switch that plugs into the speaker and microphone ports that allows you to, with the touch of a button, switch between your pc speakers and your headset. When I discovered that one already exists, I felt like Cinderella when the Fairy Godmother appeared. As soon as we got them in stock, I immediately purchased one. We carry the Plantonics PC Speaker Headset Switch because it comes with built-in speaker and microphone cables (some use detachable cables which isn’t ideal from a consumer’s perspective because then you’d have to buy the cables separately).

This may not seem like such a cool product to every computer user, but to me and my wife this is the greatest thing that’s happened since sliced bread. My wife likes it because she constantly uses the headset calling and video conferencing her family and I like using the speakers to listen to music and watch movies. I too use the headset to listen to spoken word daily so you can imagine how frequently we switch between the two.

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