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PVC-Free Video Cables

We have a whole line of Environmentally friendly video cables and the question often comes up about what makes the difference.

Environmentally friendly cables use a PVC replacement called “Termoplastic Polyester Elastomer” or TPE. TPE has two big advantages. First, it’s biodegradable. If you just through the cable away the normally corrosive PVC found in other cables won’t be there to pollute and the TPE will naturally return to dirt.

I know what you’re thinking, “Doesn’t that mean the cable is weak?” The answer is no, it takes a fairly long time for TPE to bio-degrate and that’s in outdoor conditions where it’s subject to the elements. The cable will definitly last a long time in your home theater.

The second advantage to non-PVC cables is that they can be recycled. Unlike PVC, TPE can be remelted down and put into new cables. Currently Sewelldirect carries both PVC free HDMI to DVI cables and PVC free HDMI cables.

There are, of course, some disadvantages. Actually, just one, they’re more expensive. As far as video and audio quality go PVC free HDMI cables have very similar quality to other high-quality HDMI cables.

We’ll be adding to our environmentally friendly line more and more in the following weeks. Keep an eye on our Environmentally friendly page to see the new additions.

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