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Sewell Direct Introduces 360 Degree Product Images

As market compentition increases, it’s important to remain competitive and provide our customers the best possible experience shopping online in our store. One of the features our customers enjoy is the ability to see both the front and back of a product on our website. We took that one step further and introduced a program that would provide full 360 degree product images allowing anyone to look at the front, back, and sides using Adobe Flash technology.

To view the selected products with these first flash images, click on the links below, and then select the 3d-view.jpg image.

PC to TV Converter
Wireless PC to TV converter, 2.4 GHz
DVI to Component Video Adapter
Gefen Component and VGA Video/Audio to HDMI Adapter

USB 2.0 Manual Share Switch, 2 PC’s to 1 Device
DVI-A Male to VGA Female Adapter
DVI-A Female to VGA Male Adapter

VTBook DVI/VGA Dual Display Video PCMCIA Card
3G Phoebus Portable Cellular Wi-Fi Router

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