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USB to HDMI and Audio

Anybody who knows Sewell Direct knows that one of our specialties is hard-to-find products that allow you to connect a PC to a TV.

What you may not realize, though, is that you can actually connect a TV to a computer using the USB port. This is convenient because while you may or may not have an available video port (VGA, DVI, HDMI), almost any computer, laptop or desktop, has an available USB port. If your USB ports are all in use you can easily get a USB hub that will fix that problem.

2 Options
The two different available USB to HDMI models differ in how the audio is delivered. Since HDMI carries both audio and video signals (making it a really convenient interface), the USB to HDMI must deliver both. There are two different ways to do this.

The first type of USB to HDMI adapter handles audio through USB also. This is nice because it means you only have to plug one thing in to your computer and one thing in to your TV (USB and HDMI respectively). The tradeoff is that since you are making your USB port compress everything you are likely to see a little degradation in quality (possibly video quality). However with the latest driver updates you are capable of streaming video easily to your HD TV.

The second option is a USB to HDMI converter that handles audio separate from the USB connection. This requires running a second cable between the adapter and your audio jack (it includes an audio cable that goes from your stereo jack on your computer to the adapter itself). While handling the two cables is a little messier, you will see a benefit in terms of audio and video quality.

The Sewell HDdeck is $99.95 and the Atlona unit is 129.95. Over all you will get about the same quality from each of them so the HDdeck will get you the most bang for you buck.

Read more about USB to HDMI. I also recently wrote a USB to HDMI hub that might be useful.

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