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The other weekend I tested our USB Video Capture Adapter to see how well it would capture the video and audio from a home video VHS tape. I wanted to compare how well it captured the video/audio versus my video capture/tv tuner pci card. The results really surprised me.

I suspected that the video captured from the USB video grabber would be significatnly or at least somewhat degrated because it was converting the signal from composite to USB (conversion could never be a good thing… right?). However, the captured video looked great — no dropped frames and the audio and video were in complete sync. I couldn’t ask for it to be any better.

I then captured the video with my video capture pci card. I connected the VCR to the video capture card via composite (yellow) cable and used our composite audio (red and white) to line-in converter to capture the audio. Though the audio never fell out of sync with the video, frames from the video were constantly being dropped. I wasn’t impressed.

In short, I highly recommend the USB video capture adapter for capturing video from your VHS tapes.

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