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Use 3 monitors with 2 video cards from Sewell

Dual-monitor setup? That’s old news with our ATI Radeon 9000SE Dual-port video card or our ATI Radeon 9200SE Dual-port Video Card. Install either of these cards in an available AGP slot and you will have both a DVI and a VGA port. If you have 2 VGA monitors you can use a DVI to VGA adapter or if you have 2 DVI monitors you can use a VGA to DVI adapter with this card to get some sweet two-monitor action.

But no… you don’t have to stop there! As our connectivity guru Mark figured out in our lab, you can add a ATI Radeon Rage XL 8MB PCI Card to this setup and have another monitor - giving you a total of 3 monitors. We will keep you updated when we get a 2-port ATI Radeon PCI Card, which we are expecting will allow you to use 4 monitors at the same time.

Who in the world would want to use 4 monitors? Actually, probably a lot of people. Having four screens would be ideal for gamers, day-traders, internet marketers, people who are obsessed with computers… you get the idea. We’ll keep you updated as we continue to test more configurations…

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