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VGA to TV Converters

We recently added several products that allow for the conversion of VGA signals from a computer to TV. Many people have been asking about the quality of the picture. VGA sources sends their signal as pixels. On the other hand, most TV connections receive signals as Horizontal and Vertical lines. The signal is converted. This conversion results in signal degradation. The picture will be a bit fuzzier than normal. By the way, it appears that the fuzziness of the picture is proportional to how big your screen is. In other words, bigger screen=lower quality.

One of our VGA to TV converters is wireless. Even though it has a wireless connection, it still keeps up with the wired VGA to TV converter. It will however have static and noise in the picture if it gets interference from other wireless devices with 2.4 GHz engines. Another cool thing about the Wireless VGA to TV converter is that it includes audio connections (for banging of the euphonous conduits).

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