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Xitel Hi-Fi Link for iPod

We just picked up an iPod Nano recently, and ever since, We’ve been trying to plug it into everything with a stereo jack, so we can listen to our tunes on something other than our tinny earbuds. Unfortunately, we’re discovering that the nature of digitally compressed music tends to eliminate the bass, leaving us somewhat less than satisfied. Enter the Xitel Hi-Fi Link for iPod. This little baby lets you dock your iPod (and yes, it supports virtually any iPod) and connect it to a stereo. Big deal, you say. I can walk down to the local Radio Shack and pick up a cable that will do the same thing for a fraction of the cost. And if all this dock let you do was plug your iPod into the stereo, then you’d be absolutely right. But wait, there’s more! The dock has proprietary Xitel technology that fills in where the digital compression left off. It cleans up the audio, and adds in additional bass via Xitel’s TruBass system, meaning that you get a bigger, cleaner sound than you would have with just a plain cable. Not only that, you can control your iPod wirelessly with the included remote. Throw in the fact that this dock also has video connections for the iPod Video, and you’re about out of excuses. Needless to say, we’re pleased.

There is a also a specific Xitel Hi-Fi Link for iPod Nano if you don’t want to pay for video connectivity.

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